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I'm Natalie 👋

I'm an Intuitive Tarot Reader and founder of the Crystal Aura Tarot School.

It's my sacred mission to help you connect with the symbols of the Tarot and create deeper intuitive connection with your soul self.

I'm excited to journey with you!

x Natalie Grace

Client Love

"I just had the most amazing Intuitive Tarot Card reading from Natalie from Crystal Aura Tarot.

It was exactly what I needed right now to gain clarity and have confirmation on my journey, as well as receiving some divine messages from my higher self. It was so wonderfully reassuring.

Thank you Natalie from the bottom of my heart to yours for sharing your amazing gifts. I'm truly grateful!"


"Wow! The “Know Thyself” tarot session with Natalie was so amazing and thorough.


The cards she pulled were incredibly accurate and resonated so much with me. She painted such a clear, full picture of my whole self– strengths, weaknesses, my power within and my struggles– and explained it in a way that made so much sense, with insight and connections I needed to hear.


I now feel empowered to move ahead on my path, and know what I need to do to navigate forward in the most aligned way.


She is truly a gifted reader! I highly recommend getting a reading from Natalie."


"Natalie's Know Thyself Reading is pure energy medicine- my session went beyond novel life predictions and instead opened up a beautiful portal, inviting me to step courageously into the growth my soul desires.


Natalie Grace communes effortlessly with her cards to bring in clear messages of celestial support that show you what is possible for alignment with your purpose. I learned so much and feel incredibly empowered.”


"Last night I had a reading last night with Natalie from Crystal Aura Tarot and it was so lovely.

Natalie's connection with my energy was very confirming for themes that keep circling back to me from my guides. Having her added perspective and interpretation was really nice to receive.

Natalie has a beautiful gift!"


"Natalie's impeccable communication in the delivery of her readings make me feel so comfortable.

She is so wonderfully gifted at accessing the Akashic Records, connecting to our Spirit team and guides, interpreting and sharing the Tarot messages and using all of her resources to ensure an accurate reading.

Her readings are so well balanced ensuring the right interpretation comes through and is shared in an holistic way. This is particularly useful if you haven't had a reading before, or might be unfamiliar with the Tarot. 

I have had many readings from many workers over the years. 

None spoke to the truth and my own intuition like Natalie does."


Intuitive Tarot Readings

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