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Online Tarot Course

Tarot Foundations

Master the foundational systems of Tarot and unlock your unique brand of intuitive Tarot Reading with my brand new online course!

Learn Tarot Online

Learn Tarot online with me, Natalie Grace, Intuitive Tarot Reader and founder of the Crystal Aura Tarot School.

I offer online Tarot Courses, interactive Tarot workshops and individual 1 on 1 Tarot Training designed to help you enhance your reading skills, unlock your understanding of the Symbols of Tarot, and deepen your intuitive connection.

I'm Natalie 👋

I'm an Intuitive Tarot Reader and founder of the Crystal Aura Tarot School.

It's my sacred mission to help you connect with the symbols of the Tarot and create deeper intuitive connection with your soul self.

I'm excited to journey with you!

x Natalie Grace

1 on 1 Tarot Training

Personalised one-on-one Tarot training, tailored to your skill level, interests and learning style.

All sessions are hosted by Natalie live on video call.

In 8 fun and interactive sessions, I'll:

  • Teach you the must-know foundational systems of Tarot

  • Help you to connect energetically with your deck

  • Guide you through a daily Intuitive Tarot practice

  • Get you reading intuitively from the heart with confidence and clarity

8 x 90 minutes - live on video call


Learn the mystical art of Tarot Reading with the Crystal Aura Tarot School

The Crystal Aura Tarot School was established in 2022, with the soul purpose of helping Tarot Readers of all levels deepen their intuitive connection to the symbols of the Tarot.

In my courses, workshops and 1-1 training, I help readers of all levels unlock their own understanding of Tarot symbolism, so that they can advance their Tarot practice and become more intuitive Tarot readers.

Online Tarot Courses

Tarot Foundations

Unlock *your* unique brand of Tarot Mastery


Tarot Foundations is an interactive online course, guiding you to unlock your inner wisdom, connect with the quantum field, and reawaken your genetic memory of the language of symbol and the mystical codex of Tarot.

By the end of this course, you will be reading Tarot intuitively with so much confidence and clarity that you can ditch the Tarot books and websites, and have full trust in yourself as a Tarot reader and divine messenger.

8 weeks of live lessons + additional learning resources + private chat group

New round launching soon

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Online Tarot Workshops

Unlock new levels of Tarot wisdom with my online workshops.

I'll have some great new workshops coming up in 2024 - sign up for my newsletter below to be notified of new upcoming events.

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