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1 on 1 Tarot Training

Personalised one-on-one Tarot training with Natalie, tailored to your skill level, interests and learning style.

In this interactive Tarot training, I teach you the foundational systems of Tarot to empower you establish your own intuitive Tarot practice.

8 x 90 minutes - live on Zoom


In my intermediate package, we dive deep into the systems of symbol in the Tarot, awakening new layers of esoteric wisdom within you.

4 x 90 minutes - live on Zoom


In this 90 minute session, I answer your questions about the Tarot, or we can dive deep into a single system of symbol or correspondence.

90 minutes - live on Zoom


About my Tarot Training programs

The goal with all of my Tarot education is to empower you to confidently connect with your deepest voice of wisdom, using the cards as a conduit for communication, and to unravel the mysteries of the Tarot in a fun and unique way.


Working with the Rider Waite deck, I take you on a journey through the systems of the Tarot, and teach you how to  unlock your own intuitive connection with the cards and their deep, symbolic meaning.

It's super fun and personalised to meet you exactly where you are at in your tarot practice. My beginner training offers a fantastic foundation because it fast tracks your knowledge and intuitive connection.  If you're already experienced with reading Tarot, my intermediate course expands your existing knowledge, and awakens new layers of wisdom within you.

For me, understanding Tarot is much more than reading cards. Tarot informs how I view the world. What we learn together you will enhance your understanding of your relationships, your patterns, your triggers, your shadows. It will also provide a new symbolic lens to view your own experience. 


This training is deeply activating, and is so much deeper than Tarot - it's an expansion of your perception of reality.

Interested in personalised Tarot Training but don't know where to start? 

Let's chat :)

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