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Akashic Activation for the 22/2/22 Portal

At 2:22pm on 22/2/22, I channelled the following message from my Akashic Records, to be relayed to the collective. I read the channelling aloud that evening live on the @crystalauratarot instagram page - click here to watch me deliver the message in person.

If you prefer the written word, I've transcribed the activation for you below.

* * *

We exist in the space between two poles, inside the magnetic field. Our existence is magnetic. We live inside the in-between. Inside the spectrum of experience. We come here to experience life in this space.

We must become more aware of our own magnetic poles, and the effect the Earthly magnetism has on our bodies (physical, etheric, mental, emotional, spiritual), on our own energy. The flow of magnetic energy between these two poles is important for our individual wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of the Earth and the wider collective of conscious beings that exist here.

[In meditation, while receiving this message, my crown was very activated, and I could feel a lot of activity within the energy in and outside of my head. While the crown felt most active, my awareness was also directed to my root chakra, the base of my body.]

[I was shown how the crown chakra and the root chakras are our two poles, and that our spectrum of existence, our energy, source energy, flows between them, as well as through them. These poles are responsible for receiving and emitting energy for our bodies - fresh cosmic and telluric energy flowing inward, and received energy flowing outward, back out into the universe. They were described to me as the main portals of our energy system, with the heart chakra being the regulating, transcendent portal in between.]

We can navigate life with imbalances in our internal chakras, though we run the risk of upset and illness when the chakras become blocked, and it results in us vibrating at a lower frequency. We can live with one of our polar chakras blocked, but our energy will become stagnant, and we will fall out of balance, out of flow, detached from our natural world or higher purpose. When both poles are blocked, we essentially stop living in the way we came here to do.

To stop us living in our divinity is the dark mission of lower vibrational forces in our realm; to block our polar energy portals, so energy becomes trapped and stagnant, and flow of universal source energy is reduced. Energy can’t come in or out. We stop living in alignment with the Earth. We stop striving for higher purpose. In this state, it’s incredibly hard to heal and open the chakras without a lot of inner work, or some outside energetic intervention.

During this meditation, I felt a very heavy crown. I saw a vision of a portal surrounded by the darkness of space. It looked like a black hole that was disappearing dark matter. This is the vision I was shown when I asked the 22/2/22 portal to show itself. My perception of this vision is that it is the work of higher dimensional frequency vacuuming out pollution from our mental energy bodies, to help collectively unblock our crowns. It is an outside intervention, a mass cleansing of humanity. For some, this action may assist to trigger or hasten an awakening. For others, it may simply remove some of the heaviness that has been present in the mind in recent times (years). This is also a cleansing of the hive mind - the collective thought realm.

So much low vibrational energy has been stuck in our collective thought space since the outbreak began. It has festered, grown, multiplied to the point that it has developed a physical density, similar to sludge. The density of this sludge is lowering the collective vibration. In an act of love, and rebalancing, the unnecessary thought programs that have been placed in our realm to pollute our own original, organic thinking are being cleaned up. I see it like silt being drained from a pool - it sits as a layer on the bottom of the pool until someone removes the plug and the gunk is pulled slowly towards the draining whirlpool, the black hole, until it gets to the event horizon and then it just disappears. This action of disappearing the sludge is what I’m shown is happening today.

So, individually and collectively, this portal is creating space for new, positive thought forms to emerge. Thought forms that have the potential to solve problems. Thought forms that bring us together to express our collective creativity. Thought forms that better reflect the beauty and divinity of the polarity of our planet.

The other effect of cleansing out the gunky density of our mental energy bodies is that our crown chakras will become opened. Some, opened right up wide. Others, opened up just a smidgen, but enough that a crack will appear and diving light can enter. With our crowns functioning better, we will all receive the creative, inspiring energy of the cosmos into our beings.

The benefit of this energy is renewed optimism for the future. No longer will we be resigned to the experience we have been living - we will be reminded of our true nature, as divine creators of our realities. This creativity goes beyond manifesting material things we feel would make our lives better - it goes much deeper. We are the creators of love, of beauty, of joy. As we ourselves are fragments of the divine creator, we are all divine creators by our very nature. We are going to start remembering this as a universal truth. All of the ways we reject our own divinity - hate, division, fear - we will start to realise those states of being are a choice, and something we no longer wish to see reflected back to us in this world.

It is all very aquarian!

So, that’s a lot happening at crown level, but what about our other pole, the root chakra?

What I am shown is that the root is something we must clear on our own. Feelings of fear and not having safety have done damage to our collective root chakra, as well as our own individual root chakras. We have a fear of being in the natural world. In order to re-establish feelings of safety in our environment, we must drop out of our thought bodies, and into the physical realm. When we feel the fear, we need to start recognising where it comes from. Is the feeling triggered by an immediate threat of danger? Is your life at risk? Sometimes, it truly is, and your root chakra is doing it’s job to protect you. In this case you must honour its energy and act on your instinct. Most often than not, you are not in mortal danger, and if you take pause to understand your feeling, you can trace the fear to a thought.

In this case, we can very simply and rationally reframe the thought to help us feel better. And this action, however simple, really does help US collectively to feel better. Fear is an emotion that has a big impact on the collective energy field. Fear has an incredibly dense energy, and it spreads very easily. So, by adopting this practice, “Am I in danger? How can I reframe this thought so that I can feel safe?”, you can alchemise your energy and help to heal and clear your own root chakra, and in turn, the collective thought field. See how the thought field and emotions are linked? By being aware of your thoughts in this way, you are also keeping a higher vibration in your mental energy body as well.

As our higher vibrational helpers are removing the thought sludge from our crowns, they’re also helping us to heal our root chakras. With clearer heads, and cosmic energy entering it will be much easier for us all to be aware of our thoughts and their impact on our energy system. The root chakra also holds our connection to place and our ancestry. We all carry a lot of inherited trauma here. This is much harder to release than more recent programs, but again, we can start with awareness that it exists.

If, after reframing thoughts, you are still experiencing the fear of feeling unsafe in the world, then Earthing (aka grounding) exercises can be very helpful. It’s so simple. Sit on the Earth. Consciously feel your root chakra connecting with the Earth - the core of your energy body extending to meet the core of the Earth. Sit with a tree. Speaking out loud, or in your mind if you feel too awkward, befriend the tree, talking to it as if it was human. Walk or sit outside and observe nature. Witness it just as it is. And, allow nature to witness you. This is incredibly healing, for us and for Gaia and her creatures. It is imperative that we begin to feel safe again in the world - our world. Our home. Nature truly provides all that we need, we have just forgotten that this is so. Once we remember, we will heal our roots and feel safe in our environment once again.

Many people are talking about what to manifest using this powerful portal. My message, what I have been given to share and activate in you, is that it is a time to clear and heal. The universe is drawing out as much as it can, but we can be active in raising our own vibration, by clearing out old thought patterns the keep us resonating in a low vibration, and to venture back outside and redevelop our connection with the natural, abundant organic world we live in.

* * *

I then received a second message.

* * *

22/02/2022 is a special day, described as “once in a lifetime”. It’s generated such optimism, such inspiration, such wonder in our manifesting potential.

Yes, the day contains many 2s, a powerful, symbolic number made from 1 - god, creator.

But, isn’t every day once in a lifetime? Isn’t each and every moment once in a lifetime? I ask you to ponder this. The power of people gathering en masse to explore the meaning of this day generates a potent energy, powerful enough to shift reality. Why should this energy only be realised today? What is stopping us from living in this energy in each and every moment? Just imagine what we could create if each day was met with this ‘once in a lifetime’ energy.

Our helpers are capitalising on the energy we are creating today. WE are creating the portal, the activation. They are just taking advantage of it!

The Masters ask that we remember tomorrow what we are capable of, every day we are here, alive, conscious, breathing. We have the power to create portals of transcendence any day of the week! All we have to do is decide it is so, and make plans to come together to share energy and ideas with wonder and excitement and optimism. In these moments, we create collective joy. In these moments, we open our hearts to love. It is truly beautiful to be here today to share in this energy of creation with you.

Go forth! It is time to build!

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