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Embrace Your Inner Strength, Power, and Creativity during Leo Season: A Collective Tarot Reading

This month, the Tarot shares empowering messages of love, strength and creativity, with some very special guidance for Lightworkers.

Leo Season Collective Quantum Tarot Reading with Natalie Grace

Every month, I jump onto Instagram live and tap into the collective energy field for the new Sun Season, and share the replay of the livestream on YouTube.

This month, I celebrate the illuminating energies of Leo season, exploring the archetypal energies of Leo, and it's correspondence to the Strength card, which represents Leo in the Tarot. Then, I pull my usual 4 cards for the Collective, sharing intuitive guidance to help us navigate our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms during Leo season. And as a special treat, this month I also share a free mini sound healing at the end!

The messages that came through this month's transmission were profound, with some amazing wisdom for lightworkers. If you feel disconnected from your mission, you're feeling stuck or unfocused, or feel like things are moving too slowly, please watch the video as the messages that came through are for you.

Welcome to Leo Season!

Welcome to an exciting astrological season dominated by the fiery and vibrant energy of Leo! As the sun glides through the Leo zodiac sign, it brings forth an opportunity to tap into your inner strength, power, and creativity.

In this blog post, we will delve into the collective insights of Leo season, explore its symbols and archetypes, and journey through the mystical realm of Tarot to gain guidance and wisdom for navigating this powerful time.

Understanding the Leo Astrological Season

Leo season, spanning from July 23rd to August 22nd, is characterized by the influence of the courageous and regal Leo zodiac sign. Leos are natural-born leaders, creative souls, and passionate individuals. During this season, the cosmos bless us with the energy of self-expression, confidence, and the desire to shine our light brightly.

Embracing the Leo Symbols and Archetypes

To truly grasp the essence of Leo season, we must first explore its symbols and archetypes. The most prominent symbol associated with Leo is the majestic Lion, representing strength, courage, and leadership. Leos are also often associated with the Sun, the ruling celestial body of their zodiac sign, symbolizing warmth, vitality, and illumination.

Archetypally, Leo embodies the qualities of a most respected and loved King or Queen—regal, charismatic, bold and authoritative. They encourage us to take charge of our lives, bask in our uniqueness, and generously share our talents with the world.

The Strength Tarot Card and its Leo Connection

In the Tarot, each zodiac sign corresponds to a specific card, and for Leo, it is the Strength card (often numbered as VIII). In the original Rider Waite Smith deck, this card portrays a maiden gently taming a lion, representing the harmonious union between our inner strength and raw instincts. For the Maiden to achieve this seemingly impossible feat - to tame the wild beast - she must embody a strong sense of self-belief and deep trust in her ability.

She must also embody the frequency of the leadership, love and courage, in order to resonate in harmony with the archetypal King of the Jungle. The symbol of the Lemniscate (or figure 8 symbol) that hovers above her head, shows us that through her heart portal, she is able to come from a place of unconditional love and compassion for the lion, and that is why his response is to surrender. What a beautiful lesson for us all.

The Strength card is a reminder that true power comes from within and is tempered with compassion and love.

During Leo season, we are called to tap into the energy of the Strength card to find the courage to overcome challenges, express our authentic selves, and conquer self-doubt. This Tarot archetype echoes the essence of Leo, inspiring us to embrace our unique gifts and walk the path of confidence and bravery.

Collective Tarot Reading for Leo Season

4 Cards for Leo Season: Temperance, The Magician, Ace of Cups reversed and Queen of Cups reversed

Now, let's explore a collective Tarot reading that will provide us with insights into navigating Leo season on both the individual and universal levels. For this reading, I have drawn four cards, each representing guidance for different aspects of our experiences.

I encourage you to watch the full video to receive the wisdom of the cards in detail, especially if you're a lightworker seeing guidance, but here's a quick summary of each card:

1. Temperance - Guidance for Our Physical Experience

Normally, the physical card provides us guidance for our physical health. But this season, I received a very special and unique message of guidance from Pachamama (or Gaia, or Mother Earth, or whatever you wish to call her).

The angels of the Tarot are divine messengers, and since I also identify with this mission, I relay this message with the deepest respect for our creators and for all those receiving the vibration of my message. In the Temperance card, we see the Angel focused solely on the transfer of the sacred waters between cups. She has one foot in the blue pool, and one foot on the land, representing her ease at existing between worlds, between the conscious and subconscious, between the dreamscape and physical reality.

She she focusses her gaze on her cups, she holds the frequency of peace, of love, of compassion, of healing. She is doing the most sacred of work. She represents all the lightworkers, the healers, the wayshowers who have been patiently holding space while the masses begin to wake up.

The message is that your time is arriving. You will be leading others to a new dawn. If you've been holding this frequency, your people will begin to seek you out in greater numbers. There are tribes of people waiting to receive your medicine. Don't lose hope, don't give up. Your work is sacred and is not about external validation - this is a distraction. Continue to hold the frequency of the 5D, whatever this means for you - your true mission is about to begin!

2. The Magician - Guidance for Our Emotional Experience

This Leo season, the Magician card empowers us to harness our emotions and transform them into positive manifestations. It's essential to channel the intensity of Leo season into creative endeavors to elevate your emotional growth.

The Magician is a magical creator. He's spent time consciously observing the world around him, and has figured out the key to creating the life that he desires. Through building energetic connection with the elemental forces, as represented by the sword, wand, cup and coin on his table, he has learned the important roles they play in manifesting reality in the 3D.

The Magician finds joy and fulfillment through creation. He is passionate about bringing his dreams to life in his material reality. We are all magicians, because as humans, we are creators.

This season, observe the magic that exists in your world, and allow it to inspire your own creations.

Embrace your feelings, express them through creative flow, be it art, design, beauty, or just creating experiences of joy. When you allow your emotions to fuel your passions, creativity is the natural outcome, and you are the Magician.

3. Ace of Cups Reversed - Guidance for Our Spiritual Experience

The Ace of Cups reversed reminds us that the key to the spiritual journey is FEELING. Feeling is a sacred gift that we come here to experience. Through feeling, we experience our karmic lessons, and unlock new layers of wisdom. When we shut off our feeling, we stray from our mission. The Ace of Cups reversed invites us all to allow ourselves to feel, because through feeling it all, even the hard stuff, we can reconnect with our deepest soul missions and unlock the path to ascension.

This card shows a golden chalice held by a hand reaching out to us from the sky. The chalice holds liquid, symbolizing the physical body that you inhabit in your Earthly incarnation. Above the chalice is a dove and the "host" - the body of Christ. Your body is your sacred vessel, providing a container of divinity for your emotions.

Honour your body for the experience it offers you. And allow yourself to feel. It's your greatest gift. It's your experience of divinity.

Leo is an invitation to be brave, to build courage and to lead from the heart with authenticity. This season, make take time for a spiritual practice of introspection and contemplation, to connect with your inner self, and listen to your intuition. This reversed card invites you to heal any emotional blockages and open your heart to self-love and compassion as your path of healing.

4. Queen of Cups Reversed - Guidance for Our Mental Experience

The Queen of Cups reversed urges us to boldly and bravely open our hearts to love. In this card, the Queen's sole focus is on the precious treasure hidden within the sacred chalice. This is the seed of pure and unconditional love that exists within each of our hearts. Through experiences of pain, neglect, suffering and trauma, we create ways to hide and bury this precious seed as a form of protection.

But in order to move to your Highest version of self, you must consciously work to unwrap these layers of protection, to liberate the innocent purity of our hearts. To allow ourselves to love freely, to create boldly, to shine your unique light brightly, for this is your medicine - it is why you came here to Earth at this time.

The Queen of Cups wants to be realised in her highest accord, and reversed, she challenges us to unlock our heart spaces - in doing so, we heal our younger selves, we heal our past traumas, we heal for our ancestors. And through this healing, we create bridges to higher timelines - rainbow bridges to the 5D. This work requires mental focus and attention - so prioritize some inner child and shadow work this month.

This sacred healing work is the medicine of the Divine Feminine. When we do this work, we do it for all - all of humanity and all of Gaias creatures, past, present and future will be elevated to a higher frequency. This is the Queendom of the Cups - heaven on Earth.

Conclusion - Embrace the Leo Energy and Enjoy the Journey

As Leo season envelopes us in its radiant energy, remember to embrace your inner strength, power, and creativity. Allow the Leo symbols and archetypes to guide you on your path to self-discovery and self-expression. Draw inspiration from the Strength Tarot card and come back to this transmission if you need a reminder of the power of what Leo's not a coincidence that the Lions Gate portal opens during Leo season!

Embrace the cosmic dance of Leo season, and may it ignite a passion within you that will illuminate your life throughout the year. As you navigate this time of courage and creativity, remember to bask in the warmth of the Leo Sun and share your unique light with the world.

x Natalie


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