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Knight of Cups (reversed) - this week's Tarot Forecast (October 24-30)

This week, reversed Knight of Cups challenges us to face our fears as we learn to alchemise our emotions.

The Knight of Cups is not afraid of feeling. He understands at a soul level that he has been put here on Earth to feel and express emotion. This Knight sees emotion as a superpower. And the transmutation of emotion as an act of alchemy.

As he leads his horse to battle, he is driven by the purity of his heart, represented by the cup he holds in front of him. Of course, the battle is scary. But he is ready to embody the full spectrum of emotions that this difficult journey will trigger.

The reversed nature of this card suggests a shielding of the heart. An unwillingness to feel. A fear of feeling hurt, pain, and discomfort. But without challenge we can't experience triumph. In order to feel true love, joy and bliss, we must accept the risk that comes with it.

Our greatest victories come when we find the courage to face our fears head on. So this week, embrace your fear. Embody it. Feel it. Through the experience of deeply feeling your emotions, especially those that scare you, you will build the confidence you need to face the next challenge on your path.

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Deck: Aquarius Tarot by Dawn Aquarius

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