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Higher Self Blend

Higher Self Flower Essence Blend

by Flower Guide


Enhance the spiritual and energetic connection with your highest self with this powerful high vibe blend. Made by me for my vibrational medicine brand Flower Guide, this blend will help to you to connect with your spirit and align with your highest intelligence. It's a useful tool for channelling and other psychic or magickal work that requires the opening of the upper chakras.


Flower Essences are a form of vibrational energy medicine that utilise the high vibrational essence of flowers to raise the vibration of the human biofield. Flower Essences help to support healing from physical illness, harmonise the emotions, declutter the thought field and elevate the spiritual energy body.


From the Flower Guide website:


This blend has been specially formulated to enhance your spiritual and psychic connection to your deepest self.


It contains an enlightening mix of flowers, which help to open the energetic channels to higher wisdom. It's the perfect companion for light workers, magicians, witches and yogis as it helps to enhance spiritual and ritual practice.


It's perfect for anyone experiencing a spiritual awakening who wishes to deepen their connection with their soul, or become more open to receiving wisdom from the higher realms.


Higher Self Flower Essence Blend can help with:





Spiritual awakening

Energy work


Benefits of Higher Self Flower Essence Blend include:

Deeper connection with higher self

Greater ease of communication with higher realms

Feeling energetically refreshed

Psychic cleansing

Great support for spiritual and ritual practice


Once bottled, your essence is cleansed under a copper pyramid and charged with harmonising intentions of love and gratitude.


You'll receive

1 x 30ml bottle of Higher Self Flower Essence Blend in Treatment dilution.



Pure Springwater, Natural Preservative (Organic Eau de Vie), Flower Essence (Aspen Flower Essence, Cerato Flower Essence, Crab Apple Flower Essence, Hornbeam Flower Essence, Larch Flower Essence, White Chestnut Flower Essence).



Take 4 drops under the tongue or added to a glass of filtered water.


Higher Self Blend

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