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Meditate Flower Remedy Blend

Meditate Flower Remedy Blend

by Flower Guide


Focus: Inner Peace


Need some help with your meditation practice? Our Meditate Blend has been designed specifically for those who have trouble focusing during meditation, as well as those who would like to take their meditation practice to higher levels.


The Meditate blend helps you to prioritise your meditation time, and facilitates surrender to the practice. It helps to harmonise dischordant energies in the mind, allowing for more space and greater focus, making it easier to let go of circulating thoughts and access higher awareness.


Meditate Flower Essence Blend contains:

  • Aspen for access to higher awareness
  • Chestnut Bud for holding concentration
  • Impatiens for surrender to the present
  • Oak for prioritizing time for self
  • White Chestnut for limiting unwanted thoughts


This flower essence is made to order using all natural preservative (Organic Grape Brandy).


Once bottled, your essence is cleansed under a copper pyramid and charged with harmonising intentions of love and gratitude.


You'll receive

1 x 30ml bottle of Meditate Flower Essence Blend in Treatment dilution.



    Pure Springwater, Natural Preservative (Organic Grape Brandy), Flower Essence (Aspen, Chestnut Bud, Impatiens, Oak, White Chestnut).



    Take 4 drops under the tongue or added to a glass of filtered water 15-30 mins before your meditation practice.


    If you'd like to sustain a zen state, add 4 drops to a glass of water and sip throughout the day.

    Meditate Flower Remedy Blend

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