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A Meditation on The Magician Card

A final reflection on this week's tarot card, the Magician. I find the Magician card super interesting and incredibly multi-layered. On the one hand, it represents cycles of maturity, and the moments in our lives when we become cognizant of our power. These moments of awareness repeat over and over as we grow. Whether it's our first breath, first finger painting, first orgasm or first graduation, The Magician symbolises those moments when we realise the power of being able to create the tangible from the intangible.

Through observation, the Magician has learned that she holds all the tools and knowledge she needs to realise her creative potential. But the fulfillment of this potential comes through practice. This is a wonderful lesson of the Magician. On a deeper level, the Magician is an Alchemist, who works with source energy. Through astute observation of the natural world, the Magician understands that everything is energy. Including us. This is magical. Remember this as you look around you. You have a home, a family, a lover, a pet. You can taste food, you can sing songs, you can walk on the sand and feel the rays from the sun above. This is all magical. And, the Magician understands that energy is eternal. Therefore, we are also eternal. This knowledge frees the Magician to pursue her own brand of creative magic with both curiosity and devotion. To be her true, individual self. To realise her own magical potential.

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