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The Magick of Money

Updated: Mar 8, 2022


This week’s Akashic Tarot Forecast card is the Page of Pentacles. The Page is here to talk about your relationship with money and wealth and your ability to materialise the things you need to live and thrive.

He’s reversed, so this week he’s asking us to look at the negative or less productive aspects of our attitudes towards money and providing for ourselves.

If you feel resonance with this card, the Page has a special message for you. He’s suggesting that your attitudes towards your finances may be a little immature or underdeveloped.

Think about your beliefs about money and wealth:

  • Do you believe you deserve to live in abundance?

  • Do you find money hard to come by?

  • Do you struggle to get ahead and save for the future?

  • Do you take immature risks with money, such as gambling your savings, or racking up debt on things you don’t need?

  • Do you believe that living in abundance requires lots of money?

  • Does thinking about your bank balance trigger feelings of fear, guilt or shame? Or, does your bank balance make you feel safe and happy?

  • Does your money grow and expand, or do you never have enough?

The Page is at the beginning of his journey with money. He’s transfixed by the coin - it’s magickal potential has stopped him in his tracks. If only there was a wise sage around to teach him the true nature of money - that it is energetic, that it is a magickal spell, that it just wants to flow.

Instead, the Page will be programmed with negative stories about money that exist to block it’s flow. These stories will make him believe that money is hard to come by, that it’s not available to everyone, that it requires huge amounts of effort and luck to obtain, and that when it arrives, it must be hoarded to realise it’s value.

The negative programming around money is insidious and runs very deep in our culture. The ancestral stories of struggle and hardship, our own experiences watching our parents, tired and overworked, stressfully arguing about not having enough, the mantra that “money doesn’t grow on trees” being chanted by our elders. These stories are imprinted on us from early childhood. They are reinforced as we go through school and university, and when we enter the workforce.

The schooling system neglects to teach us that money has an energy, and that it’s energy wishes to flow freely and abundantly between people. Instead, it teaches us the myth of meritocracy - that success is determined by smarts and effort and defined by pay grade and job title. That the hardest working and most studious will receive the greatest reward.

It should be obvious to us that this myth is a lie - many of the hardest working in our society are the poorest and lowest paid. However, we buy into the meritocracy myth, and repeat those mantas to ourselves and our children. We feel guilt about not having enough. We feel that we mustn’t have worked hard enough, that there is someone else above us more deserving.

The Page of Pentacles reversed presents us with the opportunity to reprogram our beliefs about money. He challenges us to take a new approach toward the energy of money, and to open our minds to it’s magick. He asks us to examine our own limiting programs around money, and imagine how we can transform them.

The true nature of money is that it’s a powerful energetic force that we, as a society, have collectively placed a value on. It exists to be traded, to flow between people and create abundance for all. That’s what it’s been designed for, that’s what those with lots of it know to do (except of course for those who hoard and exploit others to grow their riches), and that is what the energy of money really wants.

It’s time to release all feelings of fear, guilt and unworthiness related to money. Be grateful for the money that comes to you, and use it to transform your life and the lives of those around you. Make a positive and deliberate effort to share it, to trade it with others, to alchemise it from a simple symbol of value to tangible things that make your life better. Whether that’s paying for goods and services, donating it to those in need, using it to invest in your own self development, building your business or home, or investing it somewhere where it can evolve and grow, the key is to keep the money moving!

Allow the money to flow freely to and from you. Imagine living in abundance, and be clear on what living in abundance means to you. Embody the feelings you associate with a life of abundance. Work to clear your energetic blocks that stop the money flowing. In taking these actions, you will clear space for new wealth to flow to you.

One final note. The Akasha is asking me to share a piece of advice that the Page of Pentacles will soon learn - do not cast judgement on others based on their wealth or class.

Everyone’s definition of wealth is different, and so is their inherited energetic programming around money and lack. So, be careful not to judge a book by it’s cover, or it’s price tag! As any book thrifter can attest, the price of the book rarely reflects the value of its contents, and we all have so much to learn from each other about the true value of life in the 3d realm.

Deck: Aquarius Tarot

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