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Five of Swords - this week's Tarot Forecast (September 12-18)

This week, the Five of Swords cautions us to be careful and considerate with our words, and be loving and gentle in our thoughts.

Five of Swords - The aftermath of a battle between three men. The victor holds 3 swords and guards two others on the ground nearby. Two men stand near a shoreline in the distance, upset at having lost the battle. The victor stands facing the viewer but his head is pointing behind him, surveying the aftermath.

These are strange times, and as a collective, we're going through a challenging growth spurt. Our structures are going through big changes, and not everyone deals with change well. While you may feel excited, others may be feeling scared, confused, stressed, or stubbornly resistant.

The lesson of this card is that winning doesn't always hold glory. Winning can come at a cost. Swords represents the element of air, which governs words and thoughts. So pay close attention to both this week.

You might not approve of how others are journeying through this change. You might feel like people around you have the wrong point of view. But every soul holds a different truth. Your truth is no more meaningful than anyone else's.

Everyone's journey is different, so try as best as you can to hold judgement, and even better, hold your tongue, as this week's energy holds the potential for words to cause damage.

This week, pay close attention to the ego, and it's need to be right. Consider the cost - is it really worth making someone feel wrong, so that you can feel right? Instead, shift your focus to the heart. Act with understanding and compassion, to avoid unnecessary conflict. We are moving forward regardless, so let's do so in peace and love.

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