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Knight of Swords (reversed) - this week's Tarot Forecast (September 26-October 2)

This week, the reversed Knight of Swords dares us to be courageous in our quest for truth.

The Knight of Swords represents the element of air - the realm of thoughts, words and beliefs. At his upright best, he is an astute warrior, schooled in the art of war with a mind for strategy. He holds deep confidence, as he's trained his mind to hold an unwavering self-belief. Armed with his sword, representing the power of his truth and righteous intention, he commands his horse forward into battle against a strong headwind.

But reversed, this week's Knight lacks the fortitude required to overcome challenge. His mind is cluttered with self-doubting thoughts. He is influenced by others, and easily led astray. He is unsure of his own truth. What is it he is fighting for? And why?

This week, we are challenged to cultivate the courage required to test our beliefs and the will to discern our own truth. Where in your life do you just accept what you are told? And when are you afraid to stand up for your beliefs? Don't be afraid of having your truth challenged - it's an essential step on the path to wisdom.

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Deck: Aquarius Tarot by Dawn Aquarius

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