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Nine of Pentacles - this week's Tarot Forecast (September 19-25)

This week, the Nine of Pentacles prompts us to reflect on the beauty and abundance of life and the lessons it provides us; a message divinely timed for the sacred pause of this week's Equinox.

The Nine of Pentacles is such a beautiful card. To me, it represents the incredible beauty and magic of being incarnated here on planet Earth, and the message it shares is divinely timed for us to receive, in this week of the Equinox.

The Nine of Pentacles is loaded with symbols. It shows a woman in her mother phase, posing between two trees, which stand as natural pillars, symbolising her experience within our polarised reality.

She's surrounded by grapes, a symbol of earthly opulence and abundance. Her right hand rests upon a pile of coins, representing all that her will to create has manifested. A hooded falcon perches on her left hand, surrendered to her loving command. She has an air of soft contemplation, as she pauses to take in this incredible gift of Earthly incarnation.

As she stands here, she is realising the beauty of life and the power of her spirit. She feels blessed to exist here as a creator within this world, commanding her reality and enjoying all it has to offer.

While many of us identify as star seeds and celestial spirits, we musn't forget that we have chosen to be incarnated here. To be born into the density of our meatsuits to experience the incredible beauty of our planet Earth. To enjoy the sensory pleasures she provides and to experience all the lessons this life has to offer us. And to journey on the path of illumination until our spirits are once again set free.

The equinox is the time of equal day and equal night. A sacred pause, when we can realise true balance and harmony. This week, take time to reflect on the beauty of your Earthly reality. Think about the wisdom you have gained in this current chapter of life. Think about all that you have created, and the abundance you are blessed to enjoy. Before you know it, you'll be onto a new chapter. So in this week's sacred pause, find a way to share your appreciation and gratitude for the sacred gift of the present.

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