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The High Priestess - this week's Tarot Forecast (August 15-21)

This week, the High Priestess invites us all to explore the inner space, and to connect with wisdom that resides within.

The High Priestess sits between two pillars, the containers of duality. Draped behind her is a curtain adorned with pomegranates, the symbol of Persephone, the goddess of the underworld. The book of the Greater laws, The Tora, pokes out from under her cloak.

The High Priestess is the feminine counterpart of the Magician. While the Magician learns the magic of alchemy by studying the workings of the outer world, The High Priestess connects with her own magical wisdom by exploring the space within.

The deepest wisdom of our collective is held within the feminine mysteries. We often forget to hold reverence for our own wisdom, as well as the wisdom held by the elder wise women in our communities.

This week, seek out wisdom. Share wisdom. Reclaim your inner-most truths. Connect with and honour your moon cycle. And show reverence for the wisdom keepers in your realm.

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Deck: Aquarius Tarot by Dawn Aquarius

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