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The World - this week's Tarot Forecast (August 29-September 4)

This week, the World card invites us to shed layers of false identity, and bravely enter the portal of transformation to meet our true, authentic selves.

Throughout our lives, we undergo constant evolution, yet our most important growth comes when we shed our fears and step through portals of change.

We enter this world through a portal. As we transition from the safety of the womb into the wild unknown of the 3D reality, we transform from spirit to soul in a human body, here to experience all that this world offers us. Birth. Joy. Growth. Love. Challenge. Heartbreak. Pleasure. Sorrow. Desire. Discomfort. Achievement. Chaos. Peace. Death.

And each of these experiences of transformation holds a lesson that we are here to receive.

As a collective, we're experiencing a big up-leveling that is necessary for our evolution. On an individual level, we are each being challenged to undergo a transformation right now. To face our greatest fears, and step through the portal of change. To shed the layers of false identity that we've been branded with, and step forward bravely as our most authentic selves into the unknown.

This is the sacred role of the world. To facilitate the growth and evolution of our soul.

This week, the world is asking you to be brave, and step through the portal of change. Your highest destiny awaits you on the other side.

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Deck: Aquarius Tarot by Dawn Aquarius

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