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Two of Wands - this week's Tarot Forecast (August 22-28)

This week, the Two of Wands card asks us to make plans as we anchor into the energies of the New Earth.

In this card, a man stands on the roof of his castle. He's positioned between two wands, one he holds in his left hand, the other is anchored securely to the building.

From his elevated perspective, he can see all that is possible. As he surveys the landscape in front of him, he holds the world in his right hand. What he envisions is the New Earth.

Gaia is upgrading. We can feel her changing energy surrounding us right now. The prospect of a New Earth can feel scary, but her home is our home and her evolution is our evolution. Gaia is providing us with a new canvas, and now it's our job to paint the picture - a future where we can thrive, evolve and truly enjoy the rich abundance of the Earth.

So, with this higher perspective, the time is now to start planning what we wish to create. To take our visions of a better world, and begin the work to manifest them into reality. Take this message as your permission to get started. Now, go forth and create.

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Deck: Aquarius Tarot by Dawn Aquarius

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