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What are the Akashic Records, and how do they relate to Tarot?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

I've recently been asked "So, what is an Akashic Tarot reader exactly?"

While some people are deeply familiar with the Akashic Records - they may meet with an Akashic Records Reader, or understand the concept of the Akasha through their studies of Vedic culture, many are akasha-curious and even more are unaware of their existence.

Personally, I've been intrigued by the concept of the Akashic Records ever since I began reading about it in the late 2000s. It took me many years to realise that accessing the Akashic Records was something I was capable of experiencing for myself and sharing with others. For me, it came after the Tarot, however, I find the two tools extremely linked, as they both work with the calling down of information from the morphic field; the ethereal place where all wisdom from all of time exists.

Before I jump into how I utilise the Akashic Records in my readings, let me first explain what the Akashic Records Are.

The Akashic Records describes both the "book" or recording of wisdom, and the place, "the Great Hall of Records" or library that all records reside in. While we might visualise a huge library with never ending halls of books, what this location really is is a realm. An interdimensionary realm where the energy of all thoughts, information, experiences and memories exist. This realm and all it entails is also known more simply as the "Akasha".

The Akasha can be understood as the ether. It is quite an esoteric concept, shared by many ancient cultures, and is heavily referenced in Vedic texts. In short, the Akasha is the realm that holds our collective history it is full entirety. It's like the collective memory, in metaphysical library form, of our dimension.

So, how does this work? How does information find it's way to the Akasha?

In the spiritual world, it's well accepted that thoughts are energy. Energy can never be killed or destroyed, it just changes form. When we have a thought, a memory, an experience, an idea, what happens after it passes through us? Energetically, they must go somewhere right? While this energy can imprint our DNA, the crystals, rocks and plants around us, the water that flows, the entity of the thought goes on to exist in the Akasha.

The Akashic Records are the books of every soul, every life, every experience that has ever existed. We each have our own book, which captures every detail of our present, past and future lives. To access this book, you visit the "Great Hall" through a meditative state. There are keepers (masters), librarian souls who facilitate access - you are only permitted access to your records if you have the highest intentions of good. You can consult your book to learn about your soul - it's mission, karmic lessons, and past life influences. You can for guidance about challenges in your present life, or things you soul wants you to focus on right now. Or, you can explore how things work in the 3d world (and beyond).

When these questions are asked, who answers?

Well, I believe it's my Higher Self, or soul, with communication facilitated by my spirit team and the Masters of the Records. Since I believe that time is not linear, that the future and past exist in the present, it's only sensible that my soul would know everything that happens in my past, present and future, whether it's this life where I'm Natalie, or others. And, since this Hall also contains the realities of every other soul in our 3D realm, it is possible to "look up" information relating to things "outside" myself, outside my book. This is where the Masters assist.

I approach the Records with a broad and genuine curiosity. I do not limit myself to only asking heavy questions about my karma and shadows that are blocking me on my soul mission. I ask about all kinds of things, with the intention to gain a deeper understanding of how the 3D world and our beautiful planet works.

I've asked about colour, rainbows, pyramids, yoga, crystals...anything I am in awe of, I ask about. Anything I am confused by, I ask about. I'm not afraid when I ask - the records will only tell me what I'm ready to hear at this point in time. I know they won't share anything that will cause feelings of terror or trauma.

How do you connect to the Akashic Records?

Making connection with the Akashic Records is all about vibration. In many ways, it is similar to the way in which you connect with crystals - you tune or feel into the vibration of the crystal, humbly ask to share it's energy, and then you feel it's resonance (at least that's how it works for me!). The process of accessing the Records is similar. The only difference is that (generally), access is granted using a specific prayer.

How can I learn to access the Akashic Records?

There are many books and courses you can study which will teach you the method of accessing the Akashic Records. Personally, I studied my course with Soul Tribe Academy. I also enjoy reading the work of Maureen St. Germain who is a well known Akashic Records teacher. How does the Akashic Records work with the Tarot?

Very well in my experience! I access the Records for all readings with clients, and also when I read for myself. Being connected into the Akasha during readings allows me to achieve higher levels of wisdom and intuition. Because I have a direct connection with my guides and the masters of the records, I am able to deliver messages from the Tarot that are deeply personal and specific.

I believe the reason it works is because, as a tool, the Tarot connects in with the very same Akashic field to pull down Higher wisdom. So, Tarot is almost able to act like a phone or a computer program, delivering messages in a symbolic language for the Tarot Reader to decode and translate.

I've had deep and wonderful experiences of Akashic Tarot, both on my own and with clients. It facilitates deep connection with the soul, and is an especially helpful method for spiritual development and shadow work.



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